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With so much to coordinate for a wedding, every couple has their own way of coordinating their wedding supplies and services. At AC Fashion World, we provide the maximum amount of flexibility to make your life easier. Whether you're a Whatsapper, a caller or an emailer, we make communication straightforward, easy and clear. ​

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AC Fashion World - Bridal Couture Boutique, Brooklands Square, Milton Keynes, UK
MK10 7NH

In Brooklands Square, our Boutique is located on the Fen Street, the massive windows and the dresses in the display will catch your attention.
Adriana Cojocaru - Designer's Workshop and Fashion House - at  73 High Street Olney, MK46 4EF

There is Free Parking and amazing recreation facilities as well catering premises on the high street in Olney

Located in Olney on the High Street you can't miss our Boutique (the beautiful dresses in the windows give it away!). We have free on-street parking available.

Please note that deposits paid for consultations and bespoke projects are not refundable.