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At AC Fashion World with our designer and seamstresses we can create any bespoke sewing project regardless if it's a new set of curtains, a hammock gazebo cover or even new garden cushions our team will make it perfect.
Home & Garden are definitively the most important places when it comes to relaxing after a tough day, and to enjoy the most out of it you need to have everything perfect.
We create any style, shape, size outdoor or indoor sewing project and you can choose any color you wish and even if the fabrics will be waterproof or not.
You can choose any fabrics from our sample book collection that contain more than 50 colors and different styles, or you could even come with your own fabrics to build your project with.
Each project is assessed individually and priced accordingly.

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Garden Cushions for a  Bespoke Curved Seating Area

When you created your seating area in your lovely garden you was very creative and made it unique, don't worry we can make cushions to fit any shape size or thickness, it might take a little longer to create but rest assured that we will create that stunning feeling of being a king at home.

If you have ordered the new foams yourself, or you have the old foam that need to be recovered, just bring the foams in, we will make just the covers for you.

Bespoke Cushion In Milton Keynes Order Now Curved Cushions Bespoke

Tobi is enjoying his New Double Memory Foam Bed

We believe that your dog deserves to have a place in the house that he can truly say it: It's mine and you are not getting near my bed.

We can recover your old bed, or to order new memory foam as well, we use only water resistant fabrics named Cordura, and we would like for you to come and choose the colour that will best suit your dog's personality, as well if you whish we can use your fabrics to make the bed that your puppy will love.

Bespoke Made Dog Beds - Memory Foam wate