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  Bridal Dress Designer for Central England 2020-21

When inspiration becomes a calling... ​

For Adriana Cojocaru, design is in her blood: 

For me, it started when I was young, and my sister had gone off to college to study interior design. I had always loved and admired her, and when she came home with design books brimming in creativity and colour, I felt so connected to her and what she was doing. She was the first person to teach me to think in terms of shape, pattern and form. 

Whilst her sister pursued interior design though, it was not long before Adriana realised her calling lay in a different direction. 

It's almost a cliché to say that it all started with a dream, but it truly did. My own prom was approaching, and dress shopping was so tiresome - so many dresses that were lovely, but which didn't really 'speak' to me. 

One night, I dreamed of a dress. Every part of it was perfect - its form, its shape, the colour, the detailing. In my dream, as I slipped it on and then walked into the dance hall, I felt like a million dollars. Everything about me was expressed within the folds of the material. 

I still haven't created that dress. It remains always present in my mind, and creating it will probably be the highlight of my career. The most daunting challenge of all! But what that dream taught me is the power that can come from being able to realise a dream. I wanted to be able to achieve this for other people - to hear about the dress they have dreamed of, and help them bring it to life and make it a reality. 

Such a vision gave Adriana the focus needed to develop an already natural flair for design and materials. Focusing on arts related courses during school, and on improving technical techniques in her spare time. Adriana have completed three years of materials design education: experimenting with style whilst further honing her technique. 

Since then, Adriana has designed and created dresses for dozens of brides. Each one is a special memory in her career - a unique creation that was born from a collaboration of bride and designer - dreams, ideas, experience and knowledge gelling together to create the perfect gown. 

Building that personal relationship with each client is what gives Adriana the energy to work in the field of bespoke bridalwear: 

I have visions for dresses all the time - I think as with any kind of artist the desire to create and express never leaves. There are a hundred designs in my head, but I know I can make them in my spare time. What gives me the greatest pleasure in the field of bridal design is listening to someone else's dream and finding a way to give that shape - to tap into their creativity, and augment it with my own ideas. To collaborate and create something truly unique. And, perhaps most importantly, to create something that overwhelms not just the bride - but the entire wedding party - with the beauty and significance of the moment. 

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