Young Galaxy

Exciting project to boost the community spirit and to support parents and their children throughout this lockdown and home schooling 

10 Winners


Poppy Tyler -  13-16 Years 

Poppy Tyler have send a red prom dress/ ball gown entry and have been selected as a winner. At her first meeting she have discussed and finalized her design and have chosen the fabrics with Adriana, as well she tried on a ball gown similar to her design but in a beige colour that she loved.
Soon she will have her next meeting where she will take her stunning dark red dress on.

Updates coming soon.

Sophie Thompson -12 Years 

coming soon

Inge Boshoff -11 Years 

Inge loves designing dresses, so when she got this opportunity to work with Adriana she grabbed it with both hands and designed a ball gown that every girl dreams of with raffles at the bottom of each layer inspired by her favorite place, the sea and with colors as unique as she is.

Andrea Tudorenu -10 Years | Paris

coming soon

May Hopkins-10 Years 

First appointment 03/05/2021

Evie Dickens 7-8 Years 

coming soon

Sabina Puiu - 7-8 Years

coming soon

Isabelle Adatia - 5-6 Years 

coming soon

Elizabeth 5-6 Years

coming soon

Evelyn 0-4 Years

coming soon

Young Galaxy Project
Young galaxy Project
E R 7 Olney
Young galaxy Project


We are congratulating all the participants for applying in this exciting project, 10 drawings will be selected and announced shortly and next will be discussed with each winner individually to make sure that everyone can enjoy the results of their hard work during this competition.

All of the designs are being assessed individually and are split into age groups, we will announce and contact the 10 winners  by email or contact details provided in the entry, by 01.03.2021 we will invite them for a personal consultation with our Designer Adriana to discuss the details of their designs and to arrange the fittings

At the meeting the measurements will be taken and all of the dress's details discussed with Adriana, as well as informing when the dress will be ready and the next steps until the dress will be ready.
P.S. for winners that to having a meeting will not be possible, we will discuss all the details by video conference at an appropriate time for the contestant.

Best wishes AC Fashion World Team 





This is an exciting competition that might help parents and their children during these trying times of lockdown and home schooling that might, hopefully keep your child entertained and give them the opportunity to use their energy and enthusiasm in a creative way. It will be a pleasure to work with bugging and creative designers of the future

Everyone under the age of 16 is welcome to participate in this project.

We would like your children to design a dress, choosing the fabrics, trimmings, etc., from which we will create bespoke stunning dresses.

There will be ten winners with all entries split into age groups so every child has an equal chance of winning in their age group regardless of their drawing skills

Send your child's entry by email at or by post at 73 High Street, Olney MK46 4EF before the deadline of 31st of January 2021

There is no entry fee for this competition or any hidden charges

In order to be eligible for the competition your child need to crate a drawing of a dress by themselves, without help from others, we will not judge the quality of the design or how professional it is as long as it's the child's original artwork. At the end of the project all 10 winners will get to keep the dresses they have designed.
Your Adriana Cojocaru
Bridal Designer of the Year 2020/21 | Central England | Prestige Awards
AC Fashion World
15 Brooklands Square, Milton Keynes
MK10 7NH, Buckinghamshire